Geppeto’s Pencil Sharpener – Bringing New Life to Your Pencil

Choosing birthday gifts for your child will always be a challenge with the many options there are on the market. But I believe that the perfect birthday gifts do not have to be flashy or expensive. The perfect gifts are those that will be treasured and always be remembered by your kid. These may not only be cool, unique and exciting gifts but are also functional, something that your kid will love and will find useful.

Where Geppeto’s Pencil Sharpener Comes In

You probably would have to scour all the four corners of the world just to get that item, like pirate treasure hunts full of disappointments and frustrations along the way. Well it may be a bit exaggerated and all, but the thing is you really do not have to go to great lengths just to find special and unique gift ideas. One particular cute gift item that interests me is the Geppeto’s Pencil Sharpener, a small but unique and useful item just perfect to give away as gift.


This round and colorful pencil sharpener is all fun. The basic design defines all the common sense that every pencil sharpener must have, which is ease and comfort in handling while sharpening pencils and a bit of personality in it that makes it easily recognizable anywhere inside the home however small it may seem. Even with its 6 x 6 x 6 cm. dimensions, you will never lose the item wherever you left it because Geppeto’s wide grin will always find you.


This particular item is just full of life, making it one smart gift for kids. Cartoon characters have always had a remarkable influence over everyday items that children use. You can only imagine your child’s delight as you hand Geppeto’s pencil sharpener over complete with attractive gift packaging. A customized pencil is also included upon purchase.


Made from 100% recyclable materials, the sharpener is truly inspired by nature. You can simply insert in a pencil into its hole marked by the character’s nose and you can start the grinding. The sharpener itself is a durable structure; it can withstand pressure while sharpening as it produces quality and sharpened pencils in just a matter of seconds. Get Geppeto’s pencil sharpener for only $14.99.

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