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DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer
DrawerStore Large Cutlery Organizer - Gray
The simple design of DrawerStore™ Cutlery Organiser is a revolutionary way to store your cutlery. Each compartment has a handy cutlery icon to help you remember what cutlery to store where and has plenty of space to insert your cutlery either handle first or...
  • Gray
Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder
Egguins Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder - Black
Boil, serve and store eggs in the coolest way! This small colony of penguins will hold up to 6 eggs together in the Arctic winter of your fridge or in the hot springs of your pot. The handle will always stay cool for pulling...
  • Black
Wooden Digital Alarm Clock Wooden Digital Alarm Clock
Wooden Digital Alarm Clock - Black
This wooden alarm clock is the perfect addition to your bedroom. With its stylish design, this clock is a great decorative piece that enhances the ambiance of your room. This alarm clock offers three alarm settings to ensure you and your loved ones wake...
  • Black
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Animi Causa Blog

Fun Wall Decals for your Home

everyone is a designer or carpenter. On top of that, home redecoration can be messy and difficult. Good thing there are wall decals to help transform your home’s look without moving furniture pieces or using a nail.

Wall decals are like stickers with sturdier adhesive so that it is attached securely to your walls. The designs are highly sophisticated with various options to choose from. With these wall decorations around, there is no reason to stick with boring white walls.

The unique designs will certainly make generic-looking rooms into personalized and sophisticated ones. For bedrooms, the sticker with the text “Today is going to be a great day!” is a great reminder of the good day ahead. There’s also the bubble chalkboard sticker where you can write and wipe your thoughts. It’s a great way to add fun into your bedroom.

today is going to be a great day wall decal

There are also great designs for children’s room. There’s the beetle clock which is both a design and a functional clock. Bubbles Wally is a charming and humorous Vinyl wall sticker that features Wally himself. Other Wally designs include Builder Wally, Extreme Wally, Fresh Wally, Gardener Wally, Painter Wally, Ski Wally, Snapling Wally, and many other designs.  These Wally stickers are cool gifts for boyfriend since they appeal to adult male humor as well.

ski wally wall decal

laundry wally wall decal

painter wally wall decal

Children just love the colorful designs like Kite, Astro, Balloon, Little Garden, My Little Forest, Birdy, Peep-Peep, Vintage Airplane, and Bubbles. The best part is they are easy to attach so the kids can choose where to put these stickers on. You can encourage your child’s creativity by allowing them to choose a spot for these decals.

There are sophisticated designs for formal areas in the house such as the office and living room as well. There’s the Pendant, Lighting Fixture, Wall Clock Decal, Chandelier, and other designs that add color and dimension to the room.

chandelier wall decal

The best thing about wall decals is they are simple additions to a room’s design yet they make a big difference. They add details but not so much that it strains the eye. It beats painting the entire room with a single color since it adds dimension and personalizes a room like nothing else. Wall decals are easy to replace as well. If you have grown tired of the design, you can easily remove the adhesive without tearing down the entire wall. It is efficient, fun, and affordable.  If you are looking for gifts for boyfriend, wall decals are also a great choice. Wall decals make great gift option you can give to anyone, whether it be your mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, officemate or boss.

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