Fun Cork Knicknacks – Take Your Pick!

Image: The Complete Corkers Collection

The cork is one of the most environment-friendly raw materials available, with zero toxins and zero additives. This is why it’s also one of the best materials to use for fashioning a wide range of home, office and personal products – from corkboards for the office, wine stoppers to knickknacks and even toys! 

This corkers set for example is an excellent addition to the wine bottle you bring to dinner parties with family and friends. The set features cute collectibles of animals that be funny and quirky decorative pieces to the dining table. Each pack contains the body parts for one corker. Choose your favorite animal on the list: monkey, deer, buffalo, bear, bunny and crow!

Not into animals? Then how about this corkers robots set? Like the animal collection, get collectible robot parts for one corker. On the other hand, this corkers classics set offers the classical take on collectible toys. There’s Nelson the chimp, Rocky the horse, Ann the rag doll, Ralf the dog, Captain Curtis the plane, and Karl the nutcracker.

Star Wars and space fans can choose from the corkers – in space collection, the corker collectible toy set where no corker has gone before. Add to your space collection Major Thomas the astronaut, Lazer the alien, Zex the squid and Galileo the rocket.

The corkers totem is also a must-buy. The kit allows you to stack up three corks to create your own cork totem, or mix and match with the animals and robots series. Finally, there’s also the corkers pino set, one of the latest additions to the corkers range and inspired by the classic story of Pinocchio. It even comes with 2 lengths of nose and a pair of donkey ears for recreating Pino.

Take your pick from these fun cork collectible toys and add a twist to your dinner parties! You can also order now the Complete Corkers Collection here

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