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Animi Causa Blog

Enhancing Kids’ Learning with the Farm Play Set

perhaps because they realize that life in the city is indeed faster and more innovative than that in the countryside. The kids’ way of thinking surely has been influenced by the progress of modern technology. No doubt that nowadays, electronic devices such as iPods, iPhones, tablets, laptops and the likes are the common choice of gift ideas.

Kids’ indulgence to the virtual realm has made them less attached to the real world. Computer games, for instance, have made them believe that learning can be acquired at an instant, even if you’re just at the four corners of your room. Others might have their own opinion but mine is that this game teaches children to become lazier, and their critical thinking is of lesser use because they can access information, solve problems and do chores with just one click of the mouse, or a touch of a finger. 

I believe that the best way of learning is still through personal application and experiences. It is undeniable that technology has made learning easier and richer for kids. However, it is still best for them to feel the burden and make them exert more energy and effort, rather than just clicking. Hard books are still best, not only for kids to get the information they need, but they can also practice their reading skills without the threat of damaging the eye, computer addiction, and too much radiation.

I found one gift suggestion for kids that would let them appreciate the practical world. This gift suggestion is the Farm Play Set.
Composed of a playing mat with a set of 10 animals, it gives kids a feel of a farm life and of how to run a farm or work in a farm.
The modern design of the play set also ensures that it can keep children’s interest in it.

Farm set with child

In addition, it is 100% safe for kids because it is made from 60% recycled paper. It is environmentally friendly, durable and lightweight, very much fitting to kids’ active and curious personality. It maybe a traditional learning material but it gives new life to playtime. Kids can share the pieces and boost their creativity by composing their own farming story.

Thus, if I would buy my kids something unique, I prefer the Farm Play Set. It is cheaper than iPod but is practical and as educational as other gifts. 

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