Dramatic Tableware: Red Napkin Holder

Table settings are a major factor in the appreciation of each meal. This is what I learned as a restaurant owner and operator. Indeed, total sensory experience is needed to enjoy food completely. Not only must the tastebuds buds be thoroughly satisfied. Everything the diner sees, hears and feels must be sort of a feast, too. So when I came across a very intriguing red napkin holder, I knew that this kind of tableware will complete the gastronomic experience of eating in my restaurant.

Napkin holders are essential kitchen accessories and dining table staple. Sure, the napkin ring is a really pretty and elegant item that’s great for formal dinners and other “proper” affairs. But when you set a napkin holder on the table, it’s like you’re telling your diners to get ready for a messy, hearty and very yummy meal. Whether eating out or at home, I think a napkin holder can be an indicator of great food to come.

This red napkin holder is great for my restaurant, as we are known for unbelievably delicious steaks and chops. They’re cooked country style, presented without pretensions: just fresh ingredients and mouthwatering flavors and spices. The menu is finger-lickin’ good, if I may borrow a term, and a thick stack of napkins is what you’ll need to get through the meal. I say that this tableware is so suitable because the design shows a suave matador and a raging bull facing each other: it perfectly matches our steaks and chops bestsellers! The holder is in black with dimensions of W 5 x H 13.5 x L 20 cm. It is made of metal, but by the way the silhouette of each figure intricately flows, you might think that it’s made of a delicate paper cutout. To use, just insert the napkins on the slot between the bull and the matador. It’s called a red napkin holder because red napkins are the perfect color to create the maximum dramatic effect of the design. Amidst the red napkin backdrop, it will 
look like that the bull and the matador is about to face the fight of their lives under a bleeding sunset. Imagine that – a cinematic moment right on top of your dining table.

This dining accessory has become a popular object of interest in our place, that our guests would often ask me where I got them. Of course, I would gladly tell refer them to our direct source online; I see it as an added value service to our loyal customers. Upon returning, they would happily report that with the impressive design of the red napkin holder, they were able to add a touch of drama in their home, and used it as conversation pieces for their parties and get-together. Some have even positioned it as a decorative figure per se, utilizing it as an accent in their bookcases or living rooms. Indeed, the common tableware has gone places in this red napkin holder.

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