Dine like Royalty with the Royal Placemats

Light up your mornings with playing cards as placemats placed underneath your bowl of cereal or your plate of eggs and bacon.

The Royal Placemats is a 4-set uniquely designed placemats and are based from the characters of King, Queen, Jack and Ace. From a distance, they would look like blown up cards that you would normally use in playing solitaire but if you would 
look closely, you would notice that the characters in the cards are actually holding food! Isn’t that a cool twist?

And when friends come over to play cards, take these out and just imagine how entertained they would be just by looking at the size of these card placemats! 
These will definitely start a good laugh and a hearty round of conversation. You can also use these to set a modern twist to your otherwise very traditional dining room. And if you’re so happy with these dining room accessories, share them with your friends.

The Royal Placemats is also a great gift for anyone and for any occasion. This set of placemats is also a great gift for those who love to play cards or just anyone who wants to make their dining table less boring.

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