Cute Little Kitchen Gadgets that Make Eggs a Whole Lot of Fun

From frittatas, omelettes to pancakes, eggs are indeed kitchen staples we all can’t live without. These are versatile ingredients that you can cook and use from breakfast to dinner, as well as snacks in between. But if serving egg has become such a routine for you, you might just need to spruce up your preparation and cooking eggs some more.

Bring back the fun in eggs by getting some quirky and fun little gadgets to your kitchen. Store the eggs in pairs of cute Sumo egg cups. Or eat your boiled egg serve directly from the Arthur egg cup.

Presenting eggs can get more than creative and appetizing. You can make the perfect poached egg on board the Eggondola. The egg floats on the gondola as it cooks and brings out the easiest and yummiest poached egg ever. 
Want to play some more? Try using the Bready Made Bread Cutter for those perfect “egg in the basket” meals.

Sometimes too, you just want to spruce up things a bit in your plate. The Gregg’s Fried Egg shaper brings new shape to your usual fried eggs, while the Sunnyside pastes a bright smile to your face -- perhaps as bright as the sun beaming down on you. From artistic to sporty, bring out the athletic side of you using the Sports Huevos egg shaper for fun and ball-shaped eggs on the breakfast table.


Indeed, nothing beats eggs on any given day and eggs become more fun interesting when you take presentation to the next level! These fun little gadgets can liven up your kitchen with their eye-catching design and popping colors. 
And they’re literally handy as well.

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