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Of the many important phases of decorating, the most important feature of a house and home in terms of ambience, for me, is lighting. Good, economical, reliable lighting is a must in every home. The need for light is as deeply rooted in our psyche as the need for warmth and food is, and to that effect many attempts have been made throughout the centuries to not only bring light into a living space, but add some degree of aesthetics into the medium which holds light. This consciousness is what guides me in choosing design gifts for my friends, especially those 
moving in new homes or have just had a new house section constructed. I found the ideal gift in the Clicklight Lampshade.

What I liked about the Clicklight Lampshade is its modern design.  It combines elegance and fun with the use of eco-friendly materials and a do-it-yourself premise. The gift package includes the lampshade parts and instructions for assembly that anyone will find easy to understand.

The Clicklight Lampshade is a great choice for design gifts which will appeal to many individuals, young and old alike. I gave one to my friends who had a 10-year-old kid. My friends allowed their child to help out in the assembly and soon enough he was piecing the part together by himself. He was extremely engaged with the do-it-yourself nature of the product as well as its colors and unique skeletal structure. It is certainly a design gift made for hands-on people.
Shopping for Clicklight Lampshade is also fun since there is a wide range of formal or abstract designs to choose from. It is a fully-customizable gift that has a modern design sure to match any wall or room. It has fun and perky sticker modifications, too. Anyone can create their own unique and personalized lampshade—changing the design whenever preferred— without having to spend more money buying new product attachments.

What is very practical about it is the flexibility of its function. It is perfect as a standing lampshade and light enough for a hanging lamp. It can also be installed in any setting and modified in an instant to suit any occasion.

Buying a Clicklight Lampshade is making a good gift choice. You can impress your friends with the exceptional design this product has and the fun factor it provides during assembly, installation and daily use. It will not only light up rooms but also people’s faces.

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