Charging Charlie: The Fireman with a Special Mission

Charging Charlie is a unique and functional accessory. It is practical yet adds a character to any table or shelf. 
Wondering who Charlie is? Charlie is your charger’s best friend. His job is to hold up the cord of your mobile phone charger as he “stands”, literally, on your desk. With Charlie around, you don’t have to worry if the cord is in its right place even as you go about your daily routine. You can genuinely say that your charger cable is definitely in good hands.

Made of shiny plastic and comes in red and black, Charging Charlie measures 9.7x7x10.6cm.You can place it on top of a desk or on a shelf. Charlie can liven up your rather boring office desk or a “silent” bookshelf. It makes a nice ice breaker when you have an important client visiting your office as it makes a great conversation piece.

Charlie is also a perfect holiday giveaway to friends, officemates, or boss. You can have it for only less than $25.

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