Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder: Practically Beautiful

A paper towel is an indispensable thing to have in your kitchen. It makes cooking cleaner because it is a one-use then dispose hand dryer. Instead of using the cloth hand towel where germs may accumulate, this is a better way to go. But paper towels are fragile in the sense that they get soiled and tear easily. So here’s the Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder, a durable kitchen accessory with a design that looks either romantic or sinister, depending on how you view it.

At first look, it would look like the cat is preying on the bird but if you look closer, it is something else. Aside from awakening the romantic side in you, this paper towel holder also makes an interesting conversation starter. Guests would love to talk about it and marvel at how efficient it is in its role without breaking its unique design. Its height is perfect for most paper towels too. With something as beautiful as this adorning your home, you can display it as it is too. And that’s not only for the kitchen but for your living room and dining room as well.

With its design and material, the Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder is also the perfect gift to give in any occasion.


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