Business Card Holder – Naked Woman

Add a naughty twist to your otherwise plain and paper-crowded desk with a naked woman business card holder. It’s a refreshing piece of office item to look at especially after a hard day’s work. However, aside from being an eye-catcher and a fun office table decoration, the Business Card Holder-Naked Woman also plays a vital function in keeping your job easy and enjoyable.

The Business Card Holder-Naked Woman holds business cards in three fun ways: across the breast, lower torso and on the card bed that the woman steps on. Measuring 26cm tall and 9.5 cm wide, the item can hold a hundred business cards, depending on your business card material.

More to being a fun or cool office item, it also serves many functions to me. Using of this business card holder reflects how organized and professional you are as an employee. It holds your business cards in place, thus keeping your drawers or table free of cluttered business cards. In addition, it protects your business cards from being folded, discolored due to moist, and soiled.

And because it is made of metal, it serves more than just a card holder to me. I sometimes use it as a temporary paper weight at the office as well. In addition, mainly because it can hold many business cards, I also store other people’s business cards in it.

Great Gifts for Him or Her

If you think that this type design gift item is only for men, well think again because anyone with a taste for unique office items will surely appreciate this business card office holder. Here are some of the people who would find this office item not only amusing but useful as well:

1. Entrepreneurs who want to keep their office table or bag free from cluttered business cards- Obviously, entrepreneurs, regardless of gender, need this item to store their business cards and other people’s business cards.
2. Anyone looking for a unique gift - If you are simply looking for a unique gift, the Business Card Holder-Naked Woman is one of your best options. This item will surely be remembered as a gift. It is a great gift item for your officemate, friend, boss or wife. 
3. Anyone who appreciates a work of art- The Business Card Holder-Naked Woman is something anyone who loves art will appreciate as well.

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