Boris – Cell Mate: Keeping Your Phone Safe and Secure

Today, living seems like being on the freeway. Everything is fast-paced. Even technology changes right before our very eyes. Your smart phone has become an integral part of your life because most models are programmed as appointment reminders, alarm clocks, on-the-go web browsers, and portable MS office applications and so on. All these added features are still on top of the phones’ primary functions and that is to provide an easier means of communication. So unless you can afford to miss important calls or messages, your phone must be checked every so often so it has to be perched on the boris – cell mate to make this task easier for you.

The way the boris – cell mate carries your phone on its back is also the same way that you would hold it in your hand whenever you check the screen. The top must be elevated in order to read the texts right. With this little helper around, you can use both your hands to do other things while reading the message from the cell phone’s screen or maybe answering a phone call on loud speaker.

Unlike other cell phone holders, this accessory is unique in the sense that its hands can hold the charger or headset wires while it carries your smart phone, iPhone or any music player on its back. It is made of a durable plastic material so you can easily bring it anywhere you want to go. You can have it on your car’s dashboard so that you can use your phone and still drive safely at the same time, or have it on your office desk to keep track of your kids at school while you do some paperwork. 
The choice of placement is really up to you because it provides the same level of efficiency anywhere you put it.

Giving a boris – cell mate is one the best gift ideas that you can ever think of. It makes a great corporate or occasional gift. There are three colors available too – red, black and white. But if you can’t decide which to wrap, why not buy all three? Thinking of gifts for him or her is made easy with these desktop accessories.

The boris – cell mate is practical, stylish and durable. If you have multiple phones and other similar devices, you can keep each on one cell mate. Your devices will be safe from harm’s way and you will be able to multi-task and boost your over-all production with both your hands free at all time.

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