Arrow Bookends for Bookworms

A pile of neatly stacked books always beats a clutter of random books, and that’s what bookends are invented for. As we all know, organizing a number of books or a huge library of such items can be a daunting task. Thanks to the unique Arrow bookends, this task is now made not only easier but fun as well. Arrow bookends are sure to pique the happy hormone while you organize your books in your room, library or living room to open up a much wider and neater space for convenience.

Arrow Bookends- What Makes it Unique?

The Arrow bookends can help you create a bookshelf on top of a table, inside a cabinet or even another line of books on top of another bookshelf. Indeed, using these bookends can be a really neat trick in saving space. But there is more to this item that makes it a great organizer for your home or a great gift to your loved ones as well. These bookends are not only designed to make your house more organized and clutter free but also stylish and cute.

The Arrow bookends may look like it is defying gravity with its arrow head that looks like floating freely while holding your books in place. But fact is that it is only an illusion, with the help of a simple concept in physics. At first glance, it may look like it is a magical bookend, but the truth is that it is only a magnetic bookend.

If you are wondering how to use it, just place the thin metal bookend in any of your favorite books’ cover and place each metal bookend on both ends of the line of books. But for the arrow to look like it is floating over the pile of books, its arrow head is attached to the hidden metal bookend. Because of the “negative poles attract positive poles and vice versa” principle, this bookend can hold your books vertically in place. With the arrow head looking staying adrift in mid-air, your library or pile of books can surely attract attention, thus making your study room or library looking fun and cool.

A magnetic arrow bookend like this is a perfect gift for him or her, or anyone who has passion in reading or who has a collection of books. Apart from the science principle behind, which makes it a neat gadget, it also has a fair share of artistry in it, making it a cool girlfriend or boyfriend gift and a mind boggling item to ponder on. When buying gifts and choosing them for someone special, unique items like this product are sure to fascinate the person you’ll be giving it to.

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