A Dog or a Cat for Everyone

Dogs and cats are the most popular and well-loved pets in homes. These flurry animals easily make their way into our hearts with their puppy eyes and warm balls of fur. And whether you’re a dog lover or a cat lady or guy, these dog and cat-inspired items – from vegetable and fruit peelers to key holders and other decorative knickknacks – are the perfect addition to your home or office space.

Make cooking easy and peeling vegetables and fruits fun with this cool Catpeeler. Whipping up some tasty potato salad? Get this Catpeeler ready! For your office and living room, take your pick from these other cat-inspired products. This Louis’ Paws- Balance Hanger is a decorative balance for the shelf or table. Use it to hang your keys, bags, umbrella, jacket and even a flower pot, if you want! 

Another design is the ginger-screen hook that you can connect to your computer screen. Use the tail for hanging accessories like headphones, cables and keys. Add some personality to that mantel in your living room with the cat’s meow-decorative cat silhouettes. A set features five models, with different personalities and character. There’s Diva, Churchill, Oscar, Sherlock, and Princess. More cats are coming your way with the Magnetic Bookmarks Cartoon Cats.

Dog lovers are also getting their kick from the definitely mighty dog –dog waste bag dispenser, the perfect accessory for those morning or afternoon runs with your dog. Cleaning up doggie poop has never been this fun! Another fun useful item is the cork purse – balloon dog, a chic wallet fashioned from cork and with the laser engraving of a dog. For dog-inspired knickknacks, bring home Ralph the dog, one of the six designs from the corkers classics collectible set.

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