9 Creative Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Home is where the heart is--and sometimes that heart desires a bit more nature than nature.

However, it’s not always easy to bring the “outdoors” inside, especially if you’ve already run the gamut for standard outdoor-inspired decorations. If you’re looking for creative ways to make your home feel more like the great outdoors, consider the following 9 ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Create an Indoor Garden

creating an indoor garden is one of the best ways you can be creative when bringing the "outdoors" in. IN addition to selecting interesting and varied plants--flowering or otherwise--you'll want to consider the tools you use to keep up your garden. The Care-it - Self-Watering Device is a carrot-inspired self watering product that will keep your plants watered without the need for manual intervention

Think Outside the Box for Indoor Plants

Opt for unusual vases like the Silhouette Vase Set; or the Crinkle Paper Bag Shaped Ceramic Vase, which will give your interiors a warm feel. For something that combines aesthetic with practical, check out the Fountain Planter & Organizer.

Add Animal Touches

It's not just about the plants! You can also make your home feel more like the great outdoors by adding touches of animals here and there. For instance, this set of Hummingbird Wall Decor will help provide easy, fun decor that brings to mind flying hummingbirds. For something a bit smaller, check out the Love Birds, which will fit perfectly on shelves.

Keep it Fresh

If you do use natural flowers, plants, or other natural aspects in your home decor, remember: keep it fresh. No one wants molding or dying plants in their house! 

Keep Colors Natural

If you want your home to feel like the outdoors, stick to colors that you’ll find when you walk outside. This will help keep your home’s interior tied into a decor scheme that matches. For instance, the Leaf a Message - 6 Magnets set features leaves in a variety of appropriate fall colors. Or if you’re looking for something totally green, opt for the Tropical Magnets set! 

Let the Sunshine In

Open up those curtains and stick to curtains that will help your home stay sunny and bright. Your home will definitely feel like it’s more “back to nature” when the sun is shining through the windows! To avoid making your home overheated, opt to use transparent curtains on windows that don’t get lots of sunshine during the day; or consider having pull-down shades that you can slide down when the sun gets to a certain point in the sky.

DIY Nature Decorations

Don’t forget to bring a little real nature inside, too! You can DIY your own nature decorations by creating DIY dried flowers, making wreaths from real greens, or transplanting flowers from your garden right into your home. 

Rotate Every Season

To make sure that your home reflects the real outdoors, rotate your nature-inspired decor every season!

Add Nature Wherever You Can

Don’t forget the little spaces in your home! Adding little touches like these cute Mini Sparrow Magnets to your office or kitchen will allow you to add touches of nature in many different areas.

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