5 Tips Step up Your Table Décor Game

How to use table décor style to their advantage. The most common types of table décor are in the dining room and kitchen, though tables in living rooms and other common areas can also be used to set up great table décor for your home. If you want to truly step up your personal table décor game, consider the following 5 tips that will improve the look of table décor in your house.

Tip: Add a splash of color with something vibrant

One of the best ways to make your table decor pop is to set-up something with vibrant colors. A brightly colored kitchen board, such as a Lattice board - Multipurpose Kitchen Board, can be a great way to add color that will stand out in any space. You can also consider items with pops of color such as brightly colored vases to use as centerpieces, along with small accessories like salt and pepper shakers or even pencil holders in bright shades.

Tip: Don’t be afraid of unusual and fun table décor

You shouldn't be afraid to add something a bit unusual to your table decor! Something quirky and fun, such as the Swanky Floating Ladle or Sparrow Salad Set - Bowl Fork & Spoon, can truly make a difference in how a kitchen space feels. If you're looking for something a little less practical, consider an unusual vase such as the Magnetic Vase that allows you to create a unique effect right at your dining room table by sticking a base magnet underneath your table cloth.

Tip: Add practical décor to kitchen counters and surfaces

If you want something that's more "practical" than strictly decor without being too over the top, consider a subtle decor option like baskets, calendar holders, recipe book holders, and so on. One great fruit basket option is the Multi Form Fruit Basket in Black. This basket actually 'changes' shape depending on what fruit or vegetables you place inside; the unique material adds a nice decorative touch without being quirky at first glance like other décor options.

Tip: Choose small décor table accents for a subtler touch

Table decor doesn't have to be flashy! Some of the best decor you can add are subtle accessories, such as coasters, small decorative cups or even napkin holders; these Bloom Napkin Holders resemble flower steps and allow you to easily turn any napkin into a flower petal by folding it and giving the 'stem' a twist. If you're looking for something that combines practicality with a touch of whimsy--but won't overshadow the rest of your kitchen--consider something like the Animal Parade - Seasoning Shaker Set and Four Seasons - Seasoning Shaker Set.

Table decor can be easily used to change how a room looks and feels; if you want to change the way your living areas look, don’t underestimate the power of some great (and even quirky!) table décor.

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